Angus finds his primary love

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘beat’.

Angus Hardy’s heart beat only for the imported American teacher, Miss Anderson, with her green eyes, set in her lightly freckled face, mesmerising him to the point that he imagined they were looking deep into his and knew what he was thinking, making him blush and quickly look away.

During a boisterous game at lunch, Angus’s short pants suffered a tear up the seam that exposed his leg up to the waistband, which he clutched at to disguise as he returned to the classroom, but Miss Anderson spotted him and said ‘Angus, what have you done to your pants, come here and let me see.’

Miss Anderson tut-tutted, opened her desk drawer, produced a sewing kit and proceeded to sew up the tear until, as her fingers brushed against the skin of Angus’s thigh, the embarrassment that had begun to plague him night and day arose and announced itself in no uncertain terms, causing a clearly flustered Miss Anderson to order Angus to return to his seat, which he did with his hands covering his crotch.

Next morning, as the students entered the classroom, they faced their officious Principal, who announced that Miss Anderson had returned to America, for personal reasons, and then commanded that students turn to Page 43 of their English books.

That night, in the golden glow of his bed lamp, Angus summoned all of his imagined telepathic energy to assure Miss Anderson that he would come and find her and marry her one day and as he drifted off to sleep, he closed his eyes, imagined the pillow was her heart-shaped face, and gently kissed her good night.

31 thoughts on “Angus finds his primary love

  1. Something only a guy could appreciate 🙂 But it seems his heart had the best, if lofty, intentions–to find, and marry her💖 There’s nothing like innocent young love…

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