This 100-word story was just published by Hiraeth Publishing in it’s drabble anthology ‘Drabble Harvest #7 – Space Junk’. (Some of you will be familiar with the much longer version.)

Harley’s artificial planet, Exotica, was descending into a death spiral. He knew it was all over.

Using the dregs of the power left, he aimed Exotica beyond the boundaries of the Universe. As he was preparing Exotica for its final journey, he consoled himself with the idea that someday someone would find Exotica and recycle it for the greater good and immense profit.

Suddenly his video screen sprang to life and a familiar face said “Hey, Harley, I hear you’re getting rid of Exotica. I might have a use for it for my new project, ‘Retire on Uranus’. How about it, buddy?”

Harley smiled and said “Sure, she’s all yours, Elon.”

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