About Min Min

Min Min provides a community for international writers to submit short responses to a weekly prompt (word/s, quotes or photos). It is a home for fearless writing for fearless readers. No trigger warnings need to be provided and there will be no diversity quotas. Wit, humour, satire and irony will be applauded in the heavens. Comments are encouraged because that’s where the real payoff is for writers. If a piece either moved you or didn’t, try to write briefly about why or why not, so the writer can learn and grow. Otherwise, you’re missing the point. Contributors will need to leave their preciousness at home but they will also be encouraged to say what they think in a generous and thoughtful way and/or be funny.

Posting Guidelines:

All responses must be submitted in English. By ‘short’ I mean anywhere between 100 and 250 words (about half an A4 typed page).

Genres and subject matter that will be deleted upon arrival include:

  • Responses that attempt to pass off fatuous folk wisdom and greeting card sentimentality as writing. Avoid cliches like the plague.
  • Turgid political or social diatribes or virtue signaling. Be creative, be subtle and don’t lecture. This is a writing site, not a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram cesspool. As such anything akin to MAGA/Q-anon etc will be deleted with extreme prejudice, as will gross attempts to deliberately shock, upset or outrage to satisfy your evil soul.
  • Blatant appeals for sympathy and personal support. It’s a bummer that you might have cancer, MS, or any number of diseases, conditions etc. But be creative. Tell us something new.
  • Stories based on the premise that all people older or younger than you are stupid, all men are bastards, all women are bitches, all children are cute or any other illusion that all people of a particular race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age etc are as pure as the driven snow. (Dig deeper and write about real people and situations and why they might be what they are.)
  • Spam by writers that clearly couldn’t care less about these simple guidelines. That will result in instant and permanent blocking of that writer from the site.

About the Min Min Lights

The Min Min Lights are a light phenomenon regularly seen in the Channel Country in parts of Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. They are most commonly described as being fuzzy, disc-shaped lights that appear to hover just above the horizon. They are said to hover but recede when approached, not unlike UFO’s. Indigenous people have known about them for centuries. Theories abound as to what causes them but no-one knows for sure.

It seemed to me to be an apt metaphor for the great writing that sometimes eludes us but we constantly see on the horizon, as we hope to have someone else see the same thing.

Publication Warning

The vast majority of publishers, including literary magazine and website editors, regard anything you publish online (including on your own blog) as previously published and they will not consider that piece of work for their publications. This is an iniquitous and puerile state of affairs but be aware of it when you post on this blog.

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