Min Min Prompt 3 March 2023

Great to see that the changes to the posting format has brought some new writers into the fold.

Just remember

  1. Responses can be anywhere between 100 and 250 words.
  2. You can either simply post your contribution in the Comments section below or add a link to your blog or both. In other words, you don’t need to have a blog to participate.
  3. As always, if you are new to Min Min, please read the guidelines in About Min Min before you post.

This week’s prompt is ‘Long Ride Home’.

Go where the prompt takes you. Here’s where Patty Griffin went.

13 thoughts on “Min Min Prompt 3 March 2023

  1. I’ll follow in the path of Nancy Griffin. It’s a kinda road well travelled.
    Behind The Wheel.

    We’re all on the long road home,
    Starting from the moment we’re born
    Till we return home one cold grey dawn,
    When the ol’ dunger looks tired and road worn,*
    Then its time to park it up, back up on the front lawn,
    Back on the long green green crabgrass of home.

    When heading off on the long road home
    Take this long-term roadrunners travel tip;
    Don’t spin your wheels, don’t let the V8 rip,
    Take your time, lift your foot, relax your grip,
    Every sign that flashes by says ‘it’s a one-way trip,’
    This long and grinding downhill road home.

    Why the Hell rush on the long road home?
    Why not make your life a trip not to forget?
    Take the scenic route, not the road to regret,
    Take every turn-off and rest stop you can get,
    I’ll take my time, we’ll all get there- just not yet,
    Take no shortcuts on the long last road home.

    *Dunger- ask Doug, he knows!

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