Published Work


Mervyn Martian and Edgar Earthling discuss musicSyncopationApr-23
Tent-nessThe Dribble Drabble ReviewApr-23
Signing offOne Wild RideApr-23
The Cypher RevolutionThe Wise OwlFeb-23
Detourmentia, Knots, Blown SidewaysThe MetaworkerFeb-23
Speaking ill of the deadBloomFeb-23
Out Here50 Word StoriesJan-23
That laughMindfoodDec-22
Journey to the top, Stroke and touch and go, SpaceBlue Mountain ReviewDec-22
The extraordinary thing is …Great-ApeDec-22
Geoffrey is unraveling, in episodesThe Writing DisorderDec-22
Woman in black and blue; Solitude has its own rewards; The History of The CookSky Island JournalOct-22
Extracts from an exclusive interview with Genghis Khan101 WordsOct-22
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Silent speculationCafé LitOct-22
Bush RescueUnlikely StoriesSep-22
Know thy SELFThe Wise OwlSep-22
A Tiger’s TaleZOOSep-22
Killing the serpentStory Radio PodcastSep-22
Now I lay me down to sleepSpillwordsAug-22
The extraordinary thing is …The Odd MagazineAug-22
A man out here; Not on my shift, you don’t; Stuffing mushroomsCape MagazineAug-22
GOD’s Minature PlanetHavokJul-22
A dollar’s worth of destinyWorthing FlashJul-22
Bach PastoraleSyncopation Vol 1 , Issue 2Jun-22
EscapeMicrofiction MondayJun-22
Evil is as evil doesLiterature TodayJun-22
UnreliableOn The PremisesJun-22
The J CurveballClockworkoomph – Vol 9May22
The sweet crocodileThe DrabbleMay22
Rumour has it50 Give Or TakeMay22
Johnny O’Keefe – A life in one nightSyncopation Vol 1 , Issue 1May22
Signing offThe Dribble Drabble JournalApr-22
The naif fishermanClockworkoomph – Vol 8Apr-22
All in a good causeBright Flash Literary reviewApr-22
Damaged goodsCafé LitApr-22
Wild West Romance50 Give or TakeApr-22
An ordinary lifePotato Soup JournalMar22
The contractGrain MagazineFeb-22
Drained101 WordsFeb-22
A homesick Australian in Hong KongFairfield ScribesFeb-22
Shock and denialWCL.FictionFeb-22
Angus, 10, finds loveMcQueens QuinterlyFeb-22
The absence of GraceSpillwordsJan-22
A man out here101 WordsNov21
Blown SidewaysMicrofiction Monday MagazineOct-21
Flash FloodThe Saltbush ReviewAug-21
ShoutStereo StoriesJun-21
Barbed comment666 Anthology – Black HareJun-21
The Red BroochOn The PremisesMar21
Currying disflavourContest (Winner) – FFFMar21
An Australian in MemphisFriday Flash FictionFeb-21
Rubbish FishermanBetter Read Than DeadJan-21
Johnny O’Keefe – A life in one night100 Lives, Pure Slush PressJul-20
Pigs might flyTyranny of Bacon, Pure SlushMay20

Creative Non-Fiction

The poet who wasn’t there (but became famous anyway)LitMag NewsJan-23
Simple, neat and wrongSpill It – Vine Leaves PressFeb-22


God ignoring the bleak midwinterRejection Letters MagazineMar23
A Magnetic Embrace, Remember the revolution?Shot Glass JournalFeb-23
JohannesburgOne Sentence Poems – Ambidextrous Bloodhound PressFeb-23
Bus StopStereo StoriesJan-23
A promising future; An uncommon futureVerse VirtualJan-23
Macarthur ParkStereo StoriesJan-23
Christmas PresenceRatsAss ReviewNov22
To Begin; Defiance in the dustVerse VirtualSep-22
Excerpt fron ‘Christmas Presence’Writers SA – Raining poetry in the regions – installationSep-22
She’s got kangaroos in her top paddockRed OgreJul-22
A Modern SaintAmerican Diversity ReportJul-22
Remember the revolution; Reflections; Cut menClockworkoomph Studios – Voices from the fire – Vol. 7Jun-22
Lucy in the styOnce Upon A CrocodileJun-22
Carried on the windGAS Poetry, Art and MusicJun-22
The Christmas PresentVersificationMar22
Death, thy name is wildfireFairfield ScribesFeb-22
I’m sorry, I don’t think I know youThe Journal of Undiscovered PoetsDec-21
Silent speculationEyre Writers Awards 2021 – Highly CommendedMay21
The dingo and the moonRise Up Rabid Souls anthology – Ship St Poetry MagazineJan-21
Various poemsNew Poets 21, Friendly Street Anthology (along with Tarla Kramer and Mark Ritchie)Oct-20
She (who brought oranges to the sea)Glow anthology, Truth Serum PressAug-20