Gift for gift

“We instinctively reach out to those who work with us on creating meaning.  Those who give voice and form to our search for meaning, and who help us to make our life purposeful, are those we cherish, and to whom we return gift for gift.”  Margaret J. Wheatley – ‘Leadership and the New Science’

“The perfection of your art lies in the difficult region between the heart’s intent and the expression of this intent in gesture.  Practice your forms in peace.  You have done better than you think.”  Tai Chi teaching

For Damian Lacey

Scoop the stream

and drink from the well-spring that is your life’s work

and rise refreshed to continue the journey.

Press the sky,

keeping at bay the thunder that lives in emptiness

and the lightning disguise of the void.

Draw strongly on the bow of the Shaolin Archer

to protect your left/right, yin/yang, husband/father, new/old

and honour each when each is in need.

Search the clouds

for the mirrors beyond

so you will always have a Fool to make you laugh.

Lift the rock

that is your faith and let your eyes follow its path,

lowering them only when the test is over.

Touch the sky and press the earth

to bring heaven meekly to the world

where the earth-inheritors dwell.

Use the eye of the tiger

to show the world you know what lies behind you

each time you choose to pounce.

Grip the swallow’s egg

keeping all that is precious

safe within your mortal shield.

and each day,

Bow to the light that is in you

knowing that it touched me as I passed you

on my zig zag pathway home.


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