Little Miss Shenanigans

I woke at dawn to re-design our house,

my life,

the organised world

and all who sail in her.

I asked the dawn-bird,

as the only stakeholder in attendance,

to add his thoughts to the Situation Analysis.

Unthrilled and shrill,

he snapped tight his sticky beak

and was unforthcoming,


and unmindful of my learning.

I thanked him for the familiar experience.


Free at last,

I plotted endless variations

on new children’s tales,

featuring Little Miss Shenanigans,

and her parents, Dreadful and Shameless,

a farter and burper, respectively.

Granted a wish by a leprechaun,

the Little Miss curses her progenitors

with the appearance of a wombat and an emu, respectively,

at each impolite expulsion.


Thus, I funned myself to sleep

and woke up to myself,

hoping I’d not slept too long.

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