We will not go quietly

As you can tell, I’m getting a bit sick of boomer bashing as the latest millennial blood sport.


You can honk your horns all you like

as we drive along the roads we paid for

visiting the health system we paid for

while you were at the schools we paid for

only for you to choose ignorance.


You can call us feeble-minded

when your life is just a screen, replicating your ignorance for eternity

and shape-shifting your faults on to anyone but you.

Were as sane as hell

and were not going to take it anymore.


We will not be your scapegoat

(or whoever vegans blame)

for every ill in the world.

from a sick planet

to not having a job

that doesnt involve you being rich and famous.


We will not be zonked out in front of TVs in nursing homes,

where immigrants shove shit in one end

and wipe it up at the other,

because you dont want to get your hands dirty

while youre waiting for what you think you deserve.


We will not sit freezing in the dark

living on bread and vegemite,

because we were structurally re-adjusted

or spent our life nurturing our countrys children,

so that you can have your mess of pottage.


We will not be told by politicians

when we can choose to end our life

in this God-forsaken wasteland.

We will decide when we leave

and the manner in which we make our leaving.


But, before we leave, well embarrass you

by swearing loudly like sailors

and continuing to have sex

and throwing parties with lots of loud music

because we wont sit in silence.


We will not go quietly.

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