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For you and I,

all things seem possible when we look across blue water

from the solid shore.

Peering towards the horizon,

we conspire towards a thousand buoyant courses.

Imagining a receding shore and a rising tide,

we do not weigh our stamina against the undertow

nor the wind strength against our craft;

we have enough gods

to warrant speculation.

But there are those who stand upon the solid shore

who are already at the end of this world

(and the next)

and our imagined journeys

are their fated drownings.

For them,

as they squint anxiously across the water

imagining a receding shore and a rising tide,

sailing into the blue

seems a truly godless journey.

So they sit watching us,

like hermit crabs,

waiting for us to set out,

assuming we are unlikely to return,

and picturing life inside our empty shells.

and picturing life inside our empty shells. 

8 thoughts on “Reflections

        • Goldie, the most valuable asset a writer can have is someone who takes the time to read their work and then takes even more time to give feedback. One of the never-ending challenges for writers is whether what they believe they wanted to convey with their writing is resonating with and making sense to their readers. In that sense, a reader can never be wrong in telling another writer what they see and feel. Once again, thank you so much for sending me your thoughts. Regards, Doug.

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          • I totally agree with you regarding the challenges of writing. We all have different experiences that we use as a prism to view the world (and read). I definitely like to know what I am reading about. Sometimes my interpretation is the exact same as the authors, sometimes they overlap, sometimes they are totally different. As a writer, I long to know what others feel and see. Those discussions can be thought-provoking. Readers can make me see what I have not before. Just fascinating.

            Stay golden!

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