Shopping in the parallel universe

This is my entry in the Carrot Ranch’s 99 word challenge for this month with the theme of ‘open mic night’.

In the supermarket the other night, I grabbed the store open mic and announced:

“Attention all staff. Red team, please re-arrange the aisles at random to ensure customers have to search the entire supermarket to find what they want. Green team, yes, we know the chicken’s changing colour but mark it down and move it. And check-out skeleton crew, when you robo-ask a customer what they have planned for today and the customer says “I’m going home to disembowel my dog and then barbecue him for dinner”, don’t forget to say “Oh, that’s nice, are the family coming around?”

8 thoughts on “Shopping in the parallel universe

  1. This reminds of a great episode of ‘The Golden Girls’ when the ladies were buying condoms for an upcoming holiday. It also reminds me of a coffee shop where every time it starts to get busy, the manager asks a member of staff to close an area of seating off.
    Nicely done, Doug.

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