Remember the revolution?

Remember causes

and affectations of effect on war

in cities now gone five-star?


Remember social action

sitting in smoke-filled rooms with Nescafe activists

and battered women with no teeth and less hope?


Remember death

when it belonged to rock stars

and people your mother knew?


Remember money

and how it wasn’t going to concern you

until you learnt the golden rule and its defensible limits?


And do you remember when the penny dropped

that the personal was the political

and you found out you had to change?


And you decided to forget the revolution?

12 thoughts on “Remember the revolution?

  1. Still waters run deep Doug. I’m sensing there’s a deeper sense of political frustration in you after reading the other piece. Or is that me projecting ha,ha.

    There is a certain sadness here. Almost nostalgic. A person looking back over a life misspent maybe. Death in particular, as youngsters that’s forgotten as immortality seems up and front. As you point out death belongs to the elder generation and rock stars, not them. There’s a sort of progression through life here too. Forgetting youths exuberance and entering the rat race where one forgets oneself…money, causes that once were passions, social activity becoming tired and insular. In the end, a sense of reflective regret… or is this me imposing my own thoughts upon the world 😳

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  2. Ah, the passions of youth. These lines made me smile.

    Remember death
    when it belonged to rock stars
    and people your mother knew?

    In my case at the time it was the people my grandmother knew. We moved across country 2,500 miles when I was 15 away from all our family. We dreaded Grandma’s frequent letters because she had a list of the people who died in each letter.

    Great poem, Doug. 🙂

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