Blown sideways

Written for Friday Fictioneers 100 word photo prompt.

We didn’t care that the rain came in sideways, driven by the same scouring winds that had delivered the dust from farms hundreds of miles away for so many summers now and sent our own on a similar journey. As long as there was enough to drown our despair at fly-blown carcasses in the paddocks, 100 year old trees falling like majestic matchsticks and harvesters rusting in sagging sheds because now real seeds only produced phantom crops. We hoped it triggered flash flooding and washed out the roads and cut off the power; that was pain we could gladly endure.

15 thoughts on “Blown sideways

    • Thanks. I’m a simple country veg grower but I’ve seen the effect on real farmers through one of our longest droughts in history. Doesn’t make the news like the bushfires but far more devastating. My story Bush Rescue on my blog attempts to capture that despair.

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  1. Typical Australia, one extreme or the other. I think the droughts are kind of kept hushed because the public might start to question who is using the water and the dams. Follow the money trail.


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