Perce P Cassidy and the Sunblock Kid

This was written for the Terrible Poetry prompt of the topic of anniversaries, especially diamond ones.

60 years they been ridin’ together

only these days they ride by rail,

Perce’s face like Nebuchadnezzar,

The Kid a whiter shade of pale.


Despite all that Hollywood drivel

These two are indefatigable

Although The Kid has developed a dribble

And Perce has a ring that’s inflatable.


Just when The Kid thought he’d forgotten

Perce flourished a diamond ring

It’s origins of course misbegotten

But The Kid always loved the bling.


Now don’t go round town flashin’

that ring, old Perce he roughly croaks

Folks might get the wrong idea, Kid,

That we’re not pure manly blokes.


The Kid smiled and said he’d ne’er tell

And closer to Perce he did scootch

And whispered into his ear-like shell

‘Oh, Perce, you were always so Butch.’

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