Re-leafing myself in public

My entry into this week’s Terrible Poetry contest on the theme of spring or autumn, depending on your hemisphere.

(with apologies to His Bobness)


As the calendula ticks (not to be confused with cattle ticks)

over to the March of the sugar plum fairies

I vow to turn over a new leaf.

But I am de-feated

by the myriad discarded oak appendages

carpet-snaking to my door.

There must be some way out of here,

I thought in disbelief.

There’s too much confusion.

I can’t get on relief.

So I sprang forward through

a hole in the daylight-saving curtain

and found, to my re-leaf,

rabbits eating my lettuce seedlings.

5 thoughts on “Re-leafing myself in public

  1. Sometimes there’s a twisted muse that jogs the elbow at the right time. I’d love a nudge nudge myself from my lazy little sod of a muse when my lines don’t wanna line up.


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