Barfing on Dad’s old army pants

This week’s challenge on the world of Terrible Poetry is to parody a popular song on the the theme of Covid-19. I’ve chosen ‘Macarthur Park’ with some reluctance, having been a roadie for Jeff Duff in the distant past and was always thrilled to hear him sing this. Ah, well, anything for art.


The bus was never waiting for us, girl

It always left when the driver said

We stayed too late at the dance

It departed and we were depressed

In the closet, hot and stuffy,

Along with Dad’s old army pants.


We barfed there in the dark

All the Coke and pizza flowing down.

Then I had to walk home in the rain

Caught a cold, I can’t shake it,

so next week I can’t make it

Cos I’m locked down with the Covid once again.

Oh, no!
Oh, no
No, no
Oh no!!

5 thoughts on “Barfing on Dad’s old army pants

  1. Not heard of Jeff, roadying must have been something different! This song, Mac Park has always sounded a tad strained and histrionic. Or maybe that was just Richard Harris’s twisted testicular hernia style.Donna’s version was great, for the first 15 minutes…

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