My friend, the PM, a sort of cross-tick kind of guy

Day 3 of the WP Intro to Poetry challenge, with the theme of a ‘friend’ and encouragement to give acrostic a try; an (allegedly) fun poetic form where the first letter of every verse combines to create a word or a message. In this case I’ve made it the first letter of every line to share the nickname of the Australian PM. I doubt I’m on his Christmas card list but what’s poetic license if you don’t use it.

S tanding between us and virus disaster and the Chinese

C ometh the Hour, cometh The Man.

O f course, he’s hoping we’ll forget

T hat, during the bushfires,

T oddling off to Hawaii seemed a better idea.

Y es, he’s thrown money around like a born-again sailor

F orging ahead with Jobseeker and JobSaver and

R orts to those who might remember come election time.

O rdinarily he’d be more comfortable in marketing

M essing with our minds to

M ake us buy what we don’t need.

A las, New Zealand tourism learned that

R ats do leave sinking ships.

K inder souls would suggest he’s just a daggy Dad

E nergised by the challenges ahead

T o burn more fossil fuels while

I gnoring renewables because he just can’t dig it.

N othing can shift his belief that

G od is on his happy-clappy side.

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