Stopping all stations

It’s the same train.

Changing carriages hasn’t altered that.

But now the impenetrable darkness of tunnels

is neutralised by a hand reached for secretly

and the knowledge of the imminent re-emergence

of familiar faces in the light.

It is possible to disembark at the station of your choice

or, in an emergency, pull the cord

and trudge off into unmarked territory,

ignoring the shaking fists of railway staff.

But no; for the time being

familiarity is more potent than adventure.

It is still permitted to re-trace your steps

and peer into carriages where you once sat.

In some your space may even still be vacant,

amongst those who are, and will remain, unmoved.

In others your seat is now occupied and

despite the comforting smiles of those you know,

it will remain that way.


you must return to your new-chosen cubicle,

to weather report conversations,

to standard gauge concepts

and to waiting patiently

for the dawn

of the courage to get off.

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