Meetings, bloody meetings

We met, straggling in like Brown’s cows,

approximating the appointed time.

We talked in arcane codes of acronym,

approximating the agenda.

Skillfully sliding over specifics,

we adjourned matters, pending further information.

Making sly digs at absent colleagues,

we wallowed in gossip

and angst for the future we were avoiding.

There was no cuppa at the end; cost-cutting!

So we took an early minute;

too late to go back to the office now,

hardly worth it really.

Went to the pub

and talked about the fubbin’ useless gumn’t

and the fubbin’ useless d’par’mnt

and all these fubbin’ useless meetings

until some smartarse said,

‘whyn’t we do somethin’ about it?’

And we said

‘alright, we will!’

and next month

we finished even earlier.


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