New Poets 21

Proud to have been part of the launch of Friendly Street’s New Poets 21 collection last night, in company with Tarla Ritchie and Mark Kramer. If you’d like to buy a copy, they’re a bit old school on payments and there are no e-book versions available but we’d all be pleased if you could see your way clear to having this collection on your bookshelf.…/new-poets-21-now-avail…/

New Poets launch

7 thoughts on “New Poets 21

  1. It was a great event and congratulations Doug. I was so pleased you invited me and enjoyed it immensely. I’ve read the book through and revisited many poems as my coffee stained copy will attest. It was also a joy to hear authors reading their own words and I particularly liked the way you engaged the audience with your voice and mannerisms 😀👏

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