Keep the change

This piece was written for the weekly 6 sentence story challenge with the the prompt word of ‘change’.

Jaxxon awoke with a start and surveyed, in panic, the windowless stone walls, the metal ceiling with its encaged fluorescent tubes and air vent, the metal toilet and basin, and the metal bed he lay on, with its thin mattress, threadbare blanket and wooden pillow. The Voice said, “Good morning, Jaxxon, and welcome to what will be your new home for some time to come, depending on how you respond. You may be wondering what crime you must have committed in one of your drug-induced manias but you are in fact here to grow up, as it were, or be re-parented as some would call it. Here you will be initially fed nutritious food and then learn how to prepare it yourself, followed by learning how to wash and iron your own clothes, keep your room clean and, in short, take responsibility for all of your actions and their consequences. If you’d rather die we will accommodate you and turn you into compost, so that you will finally serve some useful purpose. If you’d prefer to live, over the next 100 days we will equip you with the skills to make plans, set goals and achieve them, all without the aid of company or distractions like your Xbox, and on your release, you can keep the change.”

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