The mother of deserved sorrows

This is my response to the D’Verse poetry challenge around paradox.

I am the mother of deserved sorrows

I am the ender of the grief.

I am violator of the rapists

I am the robber of the thief.

I am killer of the killers,

I am the harbinger of fate.

I am the slayer of the ‘innocent’

that breached the children’s gate.

I am the puncher of the punchers

that break a woman’s face.

I am the Lord High re-positioner

that puts them in their place.

I am the fleecer of the businesses

that live by telling lies.

I leave their empty bank accounts

to the mercy of the flies.

I am the new messiah

that brings preachers to their knees

and opens up their honeypots

to the faithful’s bees.

I am the paradox of virtue

wrapped in the cloak of vice.

The warm blood of the evil

no match for veins of ice.

21 thoughts on “The mother of deserved sorrows

  1. My hero! Vigilantes are a breed by themselves, but without them, so many victims would go on believing they somehow deserved their fate at the hands of evil. I used to feel like a vigilante more than a little in my old job. I was hated by so many parents! Like RR said above, excellent rhyme and meter.


    • Indeed, Bjorn, and I am not advocating that as a solution to anything. However I fear a growing number of people are starting to think that the protections the virtuous once had are fading as the protections of the non-virtuous grow. Once that happens, things begin to unravel very quickly.


  2. Wowza, Doug! I’m nearly speechless, but the heroic power of the vanquisher truly cheered my spirit. Most of my devout faith in God/Christ comes from my need of a hero to right the abuses I’ve endured…even if it means waiting for Eternity to know it’s a done deal. You are a poet nonpareil…had to Follow 🙂

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