The Mickelmouse Club

This piece was written for the Six Sentence story challenge with the prompt word of ‘home’.

The former country pile had been the home of the descendants of the robber baron, the Earl of Mickelmouse, but had fallen into disrepair after the last of the line accidentally wandered into the front line during the Battle of the Somme while looking for the Officers Mess.

However, it had a brief but spectacular revival in the 1960’s when it was bought by R.G. Baji (nee John Smith), the lead singer of The Psychedelic Frogs, who’d had world-wide hits with ‘I lick your skin and I’m in heaven’ and ‘Maharishi, be mine tonight’, but who was now sick of touring and bought the derelict mansion, promptly re-naming it the Mickelmouse Club.

The Press fell over themselves with their increasingly salacious stories about the goings-on at the Club (describing the residents as Micklemouseketeers), including the importing of a herd of elephants, the construction of a fully heated greenhouse, drug-crazed orgies that went on for days and more nudity than the local twitchers could keep up with but they saved their greatest concocted outrage for when R.G. declared himself Lord Micklemouse and stood (unsuccessfully) for Parliament.

Despite it’s reputation in the media, the Mickelmouse Club became home to many a misfit escapee from suburban kitsch and the mainstream strictures of art and literature and, while it’s true that a certain amount of a horizontal folk dancing and imbibing of illegal substances did occur, it was a far more productive hub of creativity than many give it credit for in these Instagram times.

It was from here that Siouxsie Pocahontas (nee Sally Blodgett) developed her unique sense of clothing that later filled chain stores with her plastic Boadicea breastplates and miniskirts made from rat skins, not to mention that great writer, A. Man, and his masterpiece, ‘The Devil and the Tooth Fairy’.

Alas, the Mickelmouse Club is no more and, after reverting to his birth name, John Smith is now a Minister in the Tory Government (a peerage is rumoured to be impending) and he proceeds with the restoration of Mickelmouse, courtesy of a substantial grant from the National Trust.

30 thoughts on “The Mickelmouse Club

  1. Nice Doug. There’s always a way, always a means to the end with at rue blue Tory. The older they get the more rapacious the old rakes tend to get.
    Got a big ol’ house you can’t afford?
    Far too expensive for you, M’Lord?
    It warms the withered heart of the Conservative
    To take as much off poor Charity as she can give.

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  2. All finely-tuned names there, and what a romp through establishment and rock n roll ‘history’, plus media reaction, plus a peerage! I had The Kinks ‘Sunny Afternoon’ going on in my head too. Fun Six 😁
    Ford – (on hiatus at TVTA)

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  3. Nicely done, yo.
    (Made me think, for some reason of Michael Moorcock in a series that he wrote, must’ve been beginnings of the Seventies… a certain air of joyful decadence and immunity to the over-bearing cultural norms.)
    Fun Six.

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