A little perspective always helps

This piece was written for the Six Sentence story challenge, with the prompt word of ‘improvise’.

Relativity July 1953 Woodcut 28.2×29.4cm

‘Mr. Moneybags, sorry to call you but I’m having difficulty giving instructions to the crew working on your new home, including the carpenters working on the stairs, especially when the architect’s drawings you sent me provide no measurements.’

‘I fell in love with Mr. Escher’s design, knowing that it was eccentric and ground-breaking but, Bob, everyone told me you were the best builder around and there was no problem you couldn’t fix, for a price.’

‘Mr. Moneybags, I can assure you that this is not some sort of shake down for more money; it’s just that we’re having trouble working out, just as an example, how the servant bringing the bottle of wine is going to be able to serve it to you on the terrace.’

‘Yes, I can see the challenge, Bob, but I think you might be holding the drawings the wrong way round and if you orient yourself to the terrace, which clearly must be at ground level, all will become clear.’

‘Sir, we did that and all we could see was you sitting at the table defying gravity and some poor sod sitting on a box doing the same.’

‘Look, Bob, I’m the one providing the money, Max is the architect and you’re the builder, so you’re just going to have to improvise or we’ll get someone else who can actually read a plan!’

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