The rescued quarter pig

This piece was written for the weekly Six Sentence challenge, with the prompt word of ‘quarter’.

Every evening I’d see my neighbours out walking their dogs and I decided I should get one as well, so one Saturday I went for a country drive to see if there were any signs out advertising new litters.

I was having no luck but then I spotted a sign reading ‘Unusual Pets For Sale’ and pulled into a farm, finding an old man sitting in his rocking chair on the porch.

After the usual pleasantries, I asked if he had any dogs and he said “No, but how about a three-legged, two-headed chicken” but I declined.

“No? Then what about this feller then” and he whistled up a one-legged pig supported by a contraption with wheels.

Anticipating my question, he said “That pig saved my son from drowning once and we thought it would seem ungrateful to eat him all at once”.

Now my rescue pig, Quarter, and I have become the talk of the neighbourhood as we stroll on our afternoon walks.

34 thoughts on “The rescued quarter pig

  1. lol
    (Full Disclosure: as soon as your protagonist got out into the country, a bunch of punchlines from jokes I don’t even remember the ‘set up’ from, started clamoring for attention…. ‘he don’t look so good’ being an example (the joke about a city slicker getting sold a blind horse)… )
    But you still managed a sharp-angle close on your Six that I didn’t see coming. Definitely smile worthy…
    Good work, yo

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  2. I know someone who accidentally knocked down and killed a deer in his camper van. He hacked off one of it’s hind legs as free roadkill, but didn’t have room for the rest. Some puzzled soul must have found a three legged carcass by the roadside!

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