Sour kemo sabe

This piece is in response to the Six Sentence challenge, using the prompt word of ‘center’

As The Lone Ranger and Tonto came over a ridge, from a small ranch-house they heard a woman’s cry, shrill and piercing.

They galloped towards the ranch-house and before they could dismount, a woman ran towards them, clutching a small child and yelling ‘Help, help, my husband’s in town in Dead Center but he’ll be home soon, please save me!’ and ran back into the house.

The Lone Ranger followed and through her sobs she told him how she’d overdone the chilli in the chilli con carne, her husband’s favourite dish and now it was ruined, but he assured her he could fix it and headed for his saddle bags.

While they waited, the part-Appache woman took Tonto aside and asked why his friend wore a mask and Tonto replied, “Like to look good, get old, get crow’s feet.”

The Lone Ranger returned and stirred sour cream into the chilli con carne, tasted it and said “Works every time, you try it’ and relief enveloped her face when she did.

The Lone Ranger said ‘Our work here is done, Tonto’ and Tonto replied  ‘Yes, kemo sabe’ and the woman smiled as she waved them away, wondering how long it would be before somebody told The Lone Ranger that ‘kemo sabe’ was Appache for ‘horse’s backside’.

Thanks to Gary Larson for the ‘loan ‘of the last line.

37 thoughts on “Sour kemo sabe

    • No, given that he only ever spoke to Tonto in English. 😉 One of my old favorite jokes is about The Lone Ranger and Tonto being trapped in a dead-end canyon by a group of marauding Indians and the Lone Ranger Saying ‘It looks like we’re about to die, Tonto’, to which Tonto replies. ‘What do you mean ‘we’, white man.’

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