I-lands of the world

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘island’.

List of I-lands of the World (including those that are phonetically similar) – Extract from Wackypedia

I Land – Home to the Narcissus people. Principal economy: Social media and mirrors. National anthem: ‘Mi, mi, mi, look at me’.

Ire Land – Home to angry people from many nations. Principal economy: Guinness and craic. National anthem: You’ll never fight alone.

I and I Land – Home to the Rastafarians. Principal economy: Music and ‘erbs. National anthem: Whatever, as long as it has a reggae beat.

Eye for an eye Land – Home to the Revenger people. Principal economy – Missiles and eye-patches. National anthem: This land is eye-for-an-eye land.

‘Igh Lands – Home to Cockney immigrants to Scotland. Principal economy: Jellied eels and deep-fried Mars Bars. National anthem: The Bow Bells of Scotland.

Aye-Aye Land – Home to permanently agreeable people from all lands. Principal economy: Doves and door mats. National anthem: The meek shall inherit the earth. (Not to be confused with the Principality of Ai-Ai, home of chimpanzees, sloths and the artificially intelligent.)

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