Who needs armour?

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘armour’.

I’m an Australian on a brief visit to the city the locals insist is pronounced Tronno and my hosts have pre-warned me to buy some protective clothing as armour against the snow conditions, as well as earmuffs and heavy boots, but I economise with a heavy coat, a thick scarf and a beanie.

That evening they pick me up in a car and take me to a nearby restaurant that serves fabulous Thai food but weariness makes me want to call time early but I insist on my hosts staying to enjoy themselves.

After all, it’s only 3 blocks to my hotel.

By now it is minus 25 and the wind is howling.

After block 1, I can no longer feels my hands inside my inadequate gloves and after block 2, I feel like if I touch my ears or my beard they will break off and by half-way along block 3, I fear I won’t make it because my street-shoe-clad feet have turned to solid ice.

Cursing my miserliness, somehow I make it into the hotel and slump in an armchair, waiting for something approximating feeling to return to my feet so I can make it across the lobby to the lifts.

33 thoughts on “Who needs armour?

  1. Do you have Scottish ancestors, Doug? 😉 As your story progressed through the degrees of chill and misery, you had me reaching for the central heating control, so real did the narrator’s plight seem. In fact, I’m away for a cup of tea to heat me up!

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  2. You have me shivering just thinking about the first time I experienced “cold” unlike any another experiences I had felt prior to that time of trying to learn how to ice skate on a pond when it was 40 degrees below 0 degrees F. Since it was an activity I hadn’t anticipated, I was thoroughly unprepared with the kind of clothing I should have been wearing.
    Great description of your walk back to hotel! Nice use of the prompt.

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