Ambiguation of express – Wackypedia

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘express’.

  • Express
    1. (v) exude through the pores, as in emotion, words, milk, sweat, BO, unctuousness, and conspiracy theories
    2. (adj) commonly used to describe the speed of bullet trains but in fact not as fast as Superman
  • Espresso
    1. (n) Actual coffee (not Starbuck’s 364 variations on dirty water in a bucket)
    2. (n) Very fast train in Italy
  • Expresso – (n) What half the world says when they mean ‘espresso’
  • Ex-press
    • (n) Former journalist
    • (n) Burnt-out clothes iron
  • Express instructions – (n) Directions given so quickly that you forget everything after ‘You just ..
  • Express post – (n) A mythological faster-than-normal form of mail that people are willing to pay to believe in.

26 thoughts on “Ambiguation of express – Wackypedia

  1. Nice!*

    *Not merely the content** but (your) taking the whole Six Sentence directive thing and turning it upside over.. muy creativito***
    **which is fun
    *** not a ‘real’ expresión in Spanish (lol not that was spellczch doing the multilingual prompt word

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