Stunning piece from Jenne, a Six Sentence colleague.

Tales from Glasgow


This challenge is produced by GirlieOnTheEdgewith the following simple rules:
Write six sentences, no more, no less.
Use the current week’s prompt word –BOARD


In her anger she does not know what mischievous hand has given it to her, but sitting in the dark corner of the café, the woman cradles the Kalashnikov in her hands, knowing it is strong – much stronger than she herself is – and she is afraid of its power.

A murmuring arises from the gun and fills her ears and she feels a reverberation that takes over her whole body.

When it stops, she sees, lined up in front of her, world leaders gone mad with power and greed, freely orchestrating war for profit.

Her trigger finger itches, presses down, sprays the leering faces with bullets, but even as one falls, another rises to take its place…

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