Swinging from tree to try

Written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘tree’.

Tirty-tree – number between tirty-two and tirty-four in Ireland

Bigotry – larger than a smaller tree

Symmetry – Caution: Sap just under boiling point

Sweltry – a particularly good tree

Poultry – produces very little timber

Psychiatry – used for treating mad cow disease

32 thoughts on “Swinging from tree to try

  1. Another good one, Doug! I watched a couple Irish films (comedies) recently, and love the way they talk…though I don’t understand 100% of what they’re saying 🙂

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  2. Well, that was a fun start to my day! Thank you, Doug. Clever and witty. Almost Poetry?
    (Reminds me of being at a church service once where the Irish priest loudly proclaimed, ‘Let us give tanks to God’ and I had this mental picture of a wee line of tanks processing up the aisle.)

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  3. Big smile 😁 A tree-at to read for sure, Doug!
    The numbers from Ireland was spot on. I remember watching a charity celebrity football match once, and one of the lads from Irish band Westlife was playing and picked up a thigh injury. In the post match interview he said: I tort I tore my tigh 😀

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