9 thoughts on “Silent speculation

  1. Interesting and thought provoking story, Doug. I liked the character arc of the story, but definitely don’t agree with the premise on which it was built. I can understand assisted suicide, to some degree, when someone is terminally I’ll, and in considerable pain, but the premise in your storyline is more despondency and mental illness. I don’t think that’s a good road to travel down. Mental illness, depression, to varying degrees, in people can lead to many ups and downs. A person can be mentally down and willing to end it one day and then feel better the next day and glad they didn’t. I know we all March to a different drummer, but as I said, very thought provoking story.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful response (clearly you are somebody). I’m sure many readers would agree with you on what’s a valid reason to end your own life and on the morality of assisting someone you love in that endeavour. Certainly most editors have shared that view and have played God on behalf of their readers by declining to publish my story. My own view is that life is more complex than that and what you choose to do at what you decide is the end is no rightful place for the law or the medical profession. At least one editor had the courage to publish my views on this matter in the form of a think piece. https://thepineconereview.com/my-right-to-a-peaceful-death-doug-jacquier/

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  2. Definitely a thought provoking story, Doug, and well written as always.
    I’m not sure I want to comment from a moralistic framework. The story speaks for itself and so clearly describes the thinking of the protagonist but did leave me wondering why he didn’t join Grace in the first place. I guess that an earlier version in which he did might have left you feeling there was more to explore

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