Vault – Disambiguation from Wackypedia (Note: Alternative spelling for ‘volt’)

This piece as written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt of ‘vault’. Trigger warning: Silliness lurks here.

Vault     1. German pronunciation of Walt

                2. Cryptic definition of catacomb (or the smaller version, the kittycomb)

(see also megavault – humungous vault and microvault – mother’s handbag)

                3. Be promoted beyond your level of competence e.g. appointed to management

                4. Watt happens between two points at one’s ohm

Pole vault – Uprising in Warsaw

Re-vault – To vault again

Summervault – 360 degree acrobatic revolution only performed when sunny

Killervault – Lethal electric shock (see also gigavault – danger to guitarist performing in rain)

Cranial vault – Cavity in head whose walls are used as a measure of intelligence, varying from permeable to thick as a brick.

23 thoughts on “Vault – Disambiguation from Wackypedia (Note: Alternative spelling for ‘volt’)

  1. Liked #4

    damn… read the other’s Comments! (Why can’t I come up with funny Comments so effortlessly! I should blame my parents and up-bringing… surely it’s all their vault.)

    …so much for effortless lol

    fun Six, yo

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