Untying the knot

As my modest but loyal list of people who read my blog know, for some time now I have regularly taken part in the weekly ‘Six Sentence Challenge’ run by the wonderfully generous and very talented Denise Farley. I used to enjoy being part of a group of writers of talent, wit, and skill.

However I have gradually become more and more concerned about the agendas of some of my fellow travelers.

I now find myself amidst:

– people beating the drum for climate change denial and the continued exploitation of dangerous forms of non-renewable energy

– a contributor’s home page that promotes an anti-abortion agenda

– fatuous Bible quotations popping up in the comments, with one seemingly for every occasion

– people who want to move to Mars to get away from the mess they’ve created on this planet

– ‘contributors’ that seem to think SSC is a Facebook page and that ‘I saw a bird in a tree yesterday’ constitutes creative writing.

The older I get, the less I want to be around people who make me grind what’s left of my teeth, so I’m moving on from the Six Sentence Challenge.

Those whose work I have appreciated and encouraged know who they are and I wish them every success in their ongoing writing endeavors. As for the rest, keep pleasuring yourselves; you’re good at it.

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