Good neighbour fencing

This is my contribution to the Min Min Weekly Challenge.

After some loud banging, I opened the front door to see Gavin from next door, red-faced and seemingly on the verge of explosion, brandishing a letter.

‘What’s this about you objecting to the new fence. What the hell are playing at?’

I checked the wire door was snibbed and said ‘I’ve changed my mind.’

‘But we agreed. We both wanted our privacy.’

‘No, that’s what you said. I just went along. But then I found out about you and your wife taking up nude Morris dancing and I thought that might be very entertaining when my wife and I sit outside to have our wine and cheese before dinner. Sunsets get a bit samey after a while.’

‘You are a certifiable lunatic. I want to know what’s really brought this on.’

‘OK, I’ll be honest. It’s because Brian over the road caved in.’

‘Caved in on what?’

‘The water fountain.’

‘What water fountain?’

‘The replica of the Statue of David that I want to use to water my rose bushes. He’ll be peeing on them, as it were. Artistically. So Brian’s decided, that seeing its art, he’s withdrawing his objection.’

‘Well, goodie for both of you but what’s that got to do with my fence?’

‘Don’t you see. I’ve had a cancellation and I can fit you in now. See you in court. Oh, and by the way, can you keep the volume down when you get smashed and start playing AC/DC at midnight.’

7 thoughts on “Good neighbour fencing

  1. (hold on…. hold on …let me double check)

    ok. I think I’m safe to use a lit ref*

    This Six I enjoyed. Relatable it is.

    While no matter where in the world we might engage in discussions of values with others around us, the dynamic is very much as you depict. I enjoyed the insight that our own expectations of our neighbors are very often the basis for how we relate to them.

    (no, really, this was a fun Six. I just can’t resist narrative less traveled. ayiiee! what’s the deal with the Robert Frost refs?!?!)

    *they are, I swear, on a patella reflex level of urge when I set down to comment on posts**
    ** sometimes misinterpreted as an effort to, as very old people might say, ‘putting on airs’***
    *** to that end I feel quite secure****
    **** no ceayr! I am most certainly not casting aspersions on the likely demographic of bloghop writers

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