A bracing tale

A wee bit of what passes for teenage romance this week, in response to the photo prompt posted in the Unicorn Challenge .

It was in the shadows behind the wall, just before that first streetlight, that I made my first fumbling teenage attempts at taking the virginity of Wendy Posingthwaite, the vicar’s daughter. I knew she liked me because she totally ignored me, except for when she whispered behind her hand to her girlfriends and they’d all burst out laughing.

One Saturday night, after the Blue Light Disco, she let me walk her home. Well, at least she didn’t say anything when I followed her and, besides, she lived next door. As we neared her front gate, she stopped and steered me behind the wall and gave me my first kiss, a kiss that seemed to last forever, until she said, like a bad ventriloquist, ‘Ar aces are uck ether’. She meant ‘our braces are stuck together’.

As randy opportunistic teenage boys are wont to do, I took advantage of the situation to attempt to unhook her bra, at which point, suspiciously quickly, our braces were suddenly unmeshed. She slapped my face and ran off laughing and I began to imagine how quickly her tale would spread around the school.

We weren’t Catholics so I don’t imagine her father could have me excommunicated from our church but he could tell my parents, a fate worse than death in our household. In the end, it seemed she didn’t tell anyone and next week, after the disco, she waited for me outside and I noticed she’d taken off her braces.

20 thoughts on “A bracing tale

  1. Young love captured in under 250 words!
    Ah, the memories…
    i love ‘Ar aces are uck ether’.
    And I do hope you didn’t let her footer with your braces (in the alternative Scottish meaning of braces!)

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  2. As someone who wore braces before it was fashionable, and who once suffered the ignominy of being called ‘Mousetrap mouth’ (before I killed him), how I identified with your narrator. Lovely, kind, funny tale – enjoyed it so much.

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  3. had we (all) the benefit of future perspective (or benefit of a lifetime experience)… we would not resist, but perhaps we might realize how common the emotions among the young.
    but, being young requires a lack of this appreciation.
    very fun reminiscence

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