This piece was published on StereoStories . Marysville Hotel, Victoria. 1977 By the time I met the Australian rock legend Johnny O’Keefe in 1977, I was working as a roadie for a middle-of-the-road pub band. They played the classic hits that suburban and country audiences wanted to hear. Hardly rock and roll heaven but it was … Continue reading Shout

‘Currying Disflavour’ is a winner

This story won the Longer Flash Fiction section (up to 500 words) of the Andrew Siderius Memorial Writing Contest, run by Friday Flash Fiction in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Judges' comments included: 'We especially enjoyed Doug's descriptive language, such as "mustard-gassed appetite" and "the Hades of the wok." It isn't often that a reader laughs out … Continue reading ‘Currying Disflavour’ is a winner

Pigs Might Fly

This piece was published in an anthology of 90 pieces called 'The Tyranny of Bacon'  published by Truth Serum Press under their Pure Slush label.  I have obviously taken some liberties with the theme. There’s Bacon and there’s Bacon. In fact, a whole shedload of Bacons dot the British historical landscape. One of their claims to fame … Continue reading Pigs Might Fly