A woman alone

She descends the stairway, she has no goodbyes

It’s the only fair way, she’s heard all the lies

Heads for the door, it’s no fun anymore

As an unpaid whore for a lifetime.


Where are the answers, where do you start

To empty your head and protect your heart?

Nowhere to go, who wants to know

A woman alone for a lifetime.


She looks for the daylight that hides from the night

From valleys of duty to mountains of right

No longer fears the sighs and the tears

Of a faithful wife for a lifetime.


She takes as her playground the ends of the earth

The womb of her spirit about to give birth 

To her own mind, one of a kind

A woman she’ll know for a lifetime.


This poem was adapted by Ronnie Taheny for a track called Tell Your Story Walkin’ on her album ‘Valentines Prey’, released in 1996.

2 thoughts on “A woman alone

    • Hi, Nicky. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my work. My poems have meant different things for me at different times of my life. What interests me most is how other people connect with them. For some poems and stories I’ve provided some background and happy to share the context of others.
      Hope all is going well with you and John.


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