Be still my swell-ed heart

This piece was written for this week’s Terrible Poetry challenge, a love sonnet, and was joint winner.


Be still, my swell-ed heart, by Shake’s peer (aka Doug Jacquier)

I did but see her glassy-eyed, astride

her pied ride as she wended to her home,

sighing in her saddle set to the side,

clutching her cask of wine to her bos-ome.


Full sore my lovesick heart (and other parts) swell’d

as Cupid’s arrow shrived my mortal soul

and I resolved to plight my troth once held

by the Fair Youth at my watering hole.


Dark Lady, I fulsome cried, be my bride

and let us to Lethe flee and there be wed.

She fix-ed me full-faced but gimlet-eyed

and intoned words that ‘minded of the dead.


“Marry, not marry, for I’m wed to Sid

but as to your other needs, whatsay twenty quid?”

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