Nightie night

Friday Fictioneers provides a prompt for each week’s challenge to write a 100-word story inspired by a photo. PS – ‘Nightie’ is Australian slang for a nightgown.

Come to a Nightie Night, she said. Everyone dresses in a plain, virginal nightie and are led by ‘nuns’ to a bargain-price shopping spree at the local lingerie boutique. There’s even an ‘Ascension to Heaven’ ceremony’, she said. It’ll be a hoot, she said. And when I glanced through the window to the next escalator, I could see the idea had really caught on. But when we got there it was like a cotton-infested hurricane as the ‘angels’ fought for the best bargains. I’ll take my chances with what happens when I take my nightie off, I said, and de-escalated.


17 thoughts on “Nightie night

  1. Dear Doug,

    I believe a welcome to Friday Fictioneers is in order. Nightie-Night sounds like an excursion to stay away from. Incidentally, I’ve always heard them called nighties here in the States, too. 😉 Good one




  2. That was a hoot! And I feel for this one. I once went to one of those bargain sales for high-end beauty products and shall never do so again. Angels or no angels, they all become demons!


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