War and Pizza Store Menu

My entry into this week’s Carrot Ranch 100 word challenge on the theme of pizza.

PETA special – Contains no animal products but please note that wheat screams when it’s harvested.

Four Seasons – Perfect for the procrustinator

Meet Lovers – Could be anything but comes PDQ

Blonde – Toasted open sandwich (they’ll never know)

Neapolitan – Ice-cream pizza you can spoon

Deep dish – Intellectuals special

Frutti di mare – Italian for pretentious

Viagra – No droop, all satisfaction

Hawaiian – Take-away only, for the benefit of sensitive in-house diners

Carbonara – For that burnt crust taste

Pizza Cake – Easy combination of main and dessert

Aussie – with a dozen eggs, half a pig, beetroot, tomato sauce and attitude

OCD – exactly 17 olives

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