The immortal sailor

This 100 word piece was written using the photo prompt below (photo supplied by Jeff Arnold) for Friday Fictioneers

It had taken seven years for him to complete his glass-encased diorama from his wheelchair. Every evening and most days would be spent working with tiny tools and a high-powered magnifying glass, to re-create the seaside village where he was born, lived and died. His home, the boatsheds and every boat were true to that time. The final touch was the rainbow, symbolising both his hopes for the future and the inevitable disappointments in his life as he searched in vain for its end. Years after I inherited it, I noticed him in his blue sailing jacket, the immortal sailor.


28 thoughts on “The immortal sailor

    • Many thanks, Ceayr. I never cease to be intrigued by how readers see my posts in a light that never occurred to me. It wasn’t meant to be a ghost story; simply a tale of a man who used to sail who wanted his world preserved as he remembered it.


  1. Doug, I always enjoy your posts. This one, however, spoke to me in a very different way. My dad was a sailor, a Navy guy, and he loved all things marine. I still have a little wooden figurine I gave him several years before he died–a grizzled old sea captain wearing a bright blue jacket.

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  2. Dear Doug,

    Last year we visited a miniature museum in Kansas City. It’s amazing what some can do, the scenes and objects recreated in tiny detail. I could imagine this scene. I wonder if the sailor himself is in there as in a Twilight Zone that starred Robert Duvall in the early 60’s or if the sailor created an image of himself. Either well, the story is well constructed.

    Shalom and good health,


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    • Thank you kindly, Rochelle. If you look carefully he’s on the blue and white boat, second from the right, wearing a blue jacket. 🙂 btw I used to love the Twilight Zone and it’s amazing how many famous actors got their start on that show. I also remember Robert Duvall’s cameo as Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird.


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