An Ode to the anodyne Ms. O

Chelsea Owens has bought to an end her weekly Terrible Poetry competition because, instead of getting more terrible with each passing week, we started to sound more like people who were actually literate and punny. This is my final entry and tribute.

Bring a ring o’ poeters,

A pocket full of poseurs,

A tissue (of terribility) at issue

And we all fell down.


A bunch of us numpties, with almighty gall,

Us proletarian-lumpy had a great fail

All Chelsea’s exhortations to fracture our pens

Ended in the dumpster time and again.


But the fighter inside ‘er will eventually out

Back will come her brain and give the spiders

Gout from the sun-dried tomatoes that on her pizza reign,

And, Owen to her zeitgeist, she’ll re-rack us once again.

7 thoughts on “An Ode to the anodyne Ms. O

  1. I agree with the sympathies. Mayhap in the fullness of time, fair maid may changeth her mind?
    Loves Labourings Lost.
    Farewell beloved crack’d verse,
    ‘Tis indeed terrible sad,
    I rant, rail, inconsolably curse-
    Oops, sorry, my bad

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