First day on the job

This piece was written for the 99 word Carrot Ranch challenge on the subject of long boards.

The boss said to the boy ‘Fetch me a long board from the hardware. Ask Gus, the owner, he’ll know what I mean.’

Gus listened to the boy, grunted, and said to wait.

The boy waited, patiently.

Eventually Gus said ‘How long you been waitin’ now?’

The boy replied “Couple of hours.’

‘Are you bored?’

The boy nodded cautiously.

‘Well, then I guess you’re long bored, so you can go back to work now.’

When he got back his boss said ‘Well, where’s the long board I sent you for?’

‘The pigs are flying it in tonight.’

4 thoughts on “First day on the job

  1. Ha! I recall such on-the-job hazing. For two summers I cleaned campground bathrooms at a state park near my home, the only girl on the maintenance crew. My second week, the boys informed me of a newbie challenge where all new crew members would clean the state park bathrooms on their own and be timed and inspected. Of course, they did the inspecting. For a week, I cleaned while they stood around clocking my time, inspecting my work. In the end, they told me to go submit my times to the head park ranger and how proud of me he was going to be. He just looked at me and said, “What contest?”

    Great use of the prompt, Doug!

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