Imperfect limericks

WP Intro to Poetry Day 5 – Write a poem about the imperfect nature of someone or something, whether you accept these imperfections or complain about them, try to fix them or celebrate them. Mix it up by exploring a fun poetic form: the limerick, a traditionally humorous, five-line rhymed poem that can be used in a wide variety of interesting ways.

A Hair-raising Story

Cried an actor ‘My hair is demented”

So off to the barber he went-ed

The poor little sod

chose evil Mr. Todd

Thus were Lovett’s ham burgers invented.


Lizzie Borden had An Axe To Grind

Lizzie lived with her step-mum and dad.

It made her sad and very, very bad.

She dealt with the problem

By saying ‘Oh, sod them’

and de-gutsed ‘em, cos they made her so mad.


Mrs. Bobbit’s Revenge

Their wedded bliss was well-famed

But Little Willie’s oats were untamed

So like any good wife

She took out a knife

And now Little Willie is very well-named.

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