Screeny Todd

We’re up to Day 6 in the WP poetry program and today’s prompt is ‘screens’.


Come closer to your screens, children,

And download the tale of Screeny Todd,

The Demon Barber of Silicon Valley.


Enticed by his olde worlde striped pole

and his handle-bar moustache,

(it always reminded them of bicycles)

his soon to be erstwhile customers

were on a journey to the ether they so hungrily craved.


Once comfortably ensconced

and Google-eyed,

in the thrall of their imaginary Friends and Followers,

out would come Screeny’s cut-throat razor

and the latest victim would drop though a trap-door

to the waiting ministrations of Mrs. Lovett

(no Ms-taking her for a feminist).


Her butchering skills on these millennial cadavers

and her thriving trade with the local fast-food joints

(ever on the look-out for cheaper cuts)

was a sight to behold.


Ah, the irony;

Screeny Todd’s victims gaining their 15 milliseconds of fame,

(admittedly somewhat re-arranged and cooked to perfection)

in the Instagram posts of food-porn influencers.


Now off to bed, children, and sweet dreams.

Oh, and my screen addicted children,

I’m taking you all for haircuts tomorrow.

How cool will that be?


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