This piece was written for the weekly Six Sentence Story with the prompt of Clip.

In my old world, nits were removed with kerosene. Mothers bored into your ears to stop the potatoes growing in there and rubbed at your face with their spit on a handkerchief. Fathers twisted your ears as they dragged you to the scene of your latest sin and the local copper handled juvenile delinquency with the toe of his boot. Teachers clipped your ears to instil learning. I tell my grandson but he just scratches his head. Now where did I put that kerosene?

22 thoughts on “Kerosene

  1. Loved this Doug πŸ˜€. My Mum (93 now) talked of a time when they gargled kerosene to treat/protect against whooping cough πŸ˜‰ but she also reminded me recently that she learned to swim in the River Murray with a rope around her belly and chucked out of the boat (she was 6)


  2. Keeping the communication open and clear between the generations isn’t always easy. I have googled some expressions now used by teens just to find out what they really meant. I would have understood had they just said it was “cool.” HaHa

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  3. I’m with Mimi (above)… while I value the hours spent memorizing the multiplication tables, I don’t miss wooden-ruler-cracked knuckles or the pulled-hair come-alongs that were favored by the Sisters of Mercy,*

    *alas! had I but the maturity then to appreciate the irony of the Order

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