New Bride In Wyoming

This was written for Carrot Ranch’s 2020 Writing Rodeo Event # 3, which required six words from the song “Git Along Little Dogies” in a unique 99-word story in the genre of your choice. It won First Prize 🙂

Molly’s nerves were a-jinglin’ driving the buggy back to the ranch. As a new bride fresh from the city, she tried to be a real country wife for Earl, cooking and milking the cow, and she tried to use Wyoming words whenever she could. 

When Earl came in, she said ‘I got you a present’. 

‘Well, that’s real nice, Molly. What is it?’ 

‘A dog to keep you company when you’re on the trail!’ 

She opened the bedroom door and out strolled a Dachshund. 

‘And you didn’t think I was listening when you said ‘git a long little’ doggie.’

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