Harold’s Dream

My response to this week’s December 10: Flash Fiction Challenge « Carrot Ranch Literary Community to ‘write a story about something a character never dreamed would happen.’

Harold never dreamed he would one day build his own classic science fiction saucer, containing everything he needed. Kitchen, sitting room with a panoramic view through reinforced glass, bedroom with a skylight to the stars, composting toilet. (Although he did have to settle for sponge baths because of the weight of water.) Powered by an anti-gravity perpetual motion generator of his own invention and steered by a GPS-guided rudder, Harold could travel the world, and did, chuckling at the UFO sightings reported on the interweb. It’s just as well Harold didn’t actually dream of this because it never happened.

19 thoughts on “Harold’s Dream

  1. You had me going. I was even impressed with Harold’s thoughtful composting toilet and was pondering the situation of water. I laughed at the UFO sightings then got to the last line. But if Harold never did this, what about the UFO sightings? 😀

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