Free birds

This piece was written for the Carrot Ranch 99-word challenge with the prompt of ‘escape’.

You could resign, storm out in high dudgeon and let the cards fall where they may. You could fantasise about finding another job where your skills are finally appreciated and imagine submitting your resignation with an air of smugness. You could become unmanageable and take the fired escape. (Except there’s the money, your unemployable middle age, the mortgage and the kids and your partner’s anger and the looming wasteland of your irrelevance to your former colleagues.) Or you could accept that you built this escape-proof prison and raise birds to release through the bars, before they become like you.

10 thoughts on “Free birds

  1. This is a powerful 99-words with the idea of having constructed an escape-proof prison. The imagery of releasing birds so they don’t become “like you” packs a punch of emotion. And good job, using second person POV.

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