Yeti couldn’t prove it

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘video’.

Oscar (Monte) Video’s extended interview with The Abominable Snowman, establishing once and for all that not only did he exist but that he was not alone and part of a thriving community, should have been the media sensation of the century.

He would excitedly show his detailed notes to news editors only to be told over and over again that they couldn’t run it without pictures and certainly not without audio.

Oscar would explain that he’d lost all his recording equipment, along with his cinematographer Alice ‘Eileen’ Down, in the landslide that she triggered by a sneezing fit, but to no avail.

One sympathetic newsman said to him ‘Look, you have to understand that over 40% of adults are illiterate; they can’t follow a story without pictures or audio. Here’s what I suggest you do; hire an actor, get him to learn the interview script, film him and you anywhere there’s snow, get Morgan Freeman to do the voice-over, and we’ll run it.’

A gazillion YouTube views later, Oscar was drowning in another avalanche, one driven by howls of ‘Photoshop, Photoshop’ but in his mind the truth was out there and now he was in search of Big Foot, with the backing of a crew provided by Steven Spielberg for his new movie, Y-ET-I.

Footnote: There is a supposed audio interview with the Abominable Snowman, recorded by Stan Freberg in 1957, but this has since been discredited.

34 thoughts on “Yeti couldn’t prove it

  1. We all are trapped in a circular maze, reality is supported by our need to demonstrate to the world what we know, only within, to be true.
    Good Six, this week.*

    not that each week’s Six is not good, lol but this one had a certain fun-with-serious-questions vibe, ya know?

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